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As a contractor you need to keep records for tax purposes. Our partner MYOB* offers MYOB Essentials at a special price as part of your Urnextgig membership.

Specialist IT Insurance

As a Urnextgig member get immediate access to Specialist Insurance for IT Specialists, including Professional Indemnity, Public Liability & Statutory Liability cover. AdviceFirst* can provide you with a policy that covers you even when you change contracts. And AdviceFirst will give you practical advice on complex liability insurance for IT contractors.


Knowing that your loved ones are taken care of when something happens to you takes one worry off your mind. Get ewills at a special rate for Urnextgig members from our parter Perpetual Guardian Trust*.

Accounting & Tax Services

Make meeting your tax and bookkeeping obligations as a contractor easy with affordable fixed price tax and accounting services from KPMG*. The first two months are free for Urnextgig members.

* Urnextgig passes on all benefits to its users. Urnextgig will not provide personally identifiable information to 3rd parties.