Urnextgig is a unique online platform for direct, well-defined, immediate and verified access between professionals, our members, taking charge of their career and employers who are seeking outstanding talent.

Currently Urnextgig is focusing on the following job categories:

More categories will be added over time.

Urnextgig is the brainchild of Rahul Suchdev and Manfred Lange. Backed by a combined 35 years of experience in IT recruitment, HR and software consultancy, and 18 months of directed research, Rahul and Manfred have evolved Urnextgig into a simple-to-use end-to-end recruitment process within a networked Urnextgig ecosystem.

The Urnextgig process enables hiring managers to post resource requirements, deploy the search function to target members from a verified profiles directory, shortlist candidates, set up and timetable interviews, access Urnextgig-automated reference checks, make an offer and accept the contract all online. The member creates a profile, their work experience is automatically verified through the Urnextgig system even as they upload essential documents, applies for the posted jobs, or is invited to apply for exciting high-end roles. The interaction between hiring manager and candidate is thus well-defined, authenticated and unencumbered by middlemen or candidates not meeting criteria.

The Urnextgig ecosystem broadens and multiplies interactive platforms between employers, candidates, the market and Urnextgig. Merit-based recommendations link employers and candidates to larger professional networks. Market stats on demand-supply, market rates, and upcoming projects enable both employers and members to align to the market in terms of cost and availability. Trending industry research and news highlight mid-to-long-term scenarios. User-feedback is input into the forward development of the Urnextgig platform.

The Urnextgig ‘process within ecosystem’ format is well-researched and strategic in a fast-changing fragmented talent-sourcing industry. As organizations and agents increasingly use multiple online social and professional networks, job boards and assessment and tracking software to attract, source and target talent from a global pool of skilled and increasingly flexible labour, building and sustaining talent brand identities is becoming pivotal for employers and job seekers alike. Urnextgig gets this: The Urnextgig ecosystem reintegrates networks, job boards, assessment, tracking and verification on one platform and facilitates seamless brand-building above the online noise and clutter, and on merit parameters. The Urnextgig process meanwhile focuses consistently on streamlining the recruitment process: It keeps recruitment simple and uncluttered: It connects you (hiring managers, job seekers) with real people, real projects.