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Job Board


Price (NZD)

Pay as you go, per job ad
Pack of 10 job ads
Yearly Subscription, per year, unlimited job ads

Applicant Tracking System

Urnextgig's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) includes:

  • Receive and review job applications
  • Review candidate profiles
  • Access to Urnextgig's pool of pre-verified and pre-referenced candidates
  • Automatically decline unsuitable candidates based on select criteria
  • Automatically keep candidates up-to-date about an opening
  • Full text search on all past applicants
  • Import applications you have received in the past (PDF, doc, docx, txt, html)
  • Company profile page to promote your brand as an employer
  • Embedded Job Board for your web site
  • Communicate with your company's followers


Price (NZD)

Subscription, yearly renewal, monthly payments
100.00 / month

Career Advisor Module

Urnextgig's Career Advisor Module includes:

  • Invite Advisees
  • Provide comments and suggestions to advisees about their profiles
  • Communicate with advisees
  • CV Writer for advisees


Price (NZD)

Subscription, yearly renewal, monthly payments
200.00 / month


All prices are excluding GST.