What Users Are Saying

Member Quotes

"Your concept and site looks great, I have signed up myself."

Rachel L.

"Sounds even better that its direct to employers - I've had interesting experiences with recruitment agencies whilst they have a tough job I would prefer to talk direct with companies."

Ann H.

"I like the site, registration was simple and smooth."

Isaac D.

"Starts to looking promising, nicely done :)."

Minh S.

Employer Quotes

"We just successfully hired our first senior developer through urnextgig. The process was painless and transparent. We got to talk directly to the candidate right from the outset, without layers of red tape in the way. It's a much easier way of attracting the right talent for us."

Russell Clarke
Delivery Manager at ranqx

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide you some feedback on urnextgig. As you know, I have been fairly resistant to using urnextgig because frankly, your services have always exceeded our expectations, however, you will notice that I have started using urnextgig and it has been really successful. I'm enjoying being able to see people responding to our ad's, it gives me a feel for the talent available in the market, it offer's reduced cost due to not having to rely on external advertising etc."

"It is a very easy tool to navigate and self learn and I like that I really cannot make a mistake."

"Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing some more enhancements coming on board in the future."

Karen Lusis
Business Services Manager - Information Technology at Countdown

"As an employer I love the idea that job seekers can use urnextgig to promote themselves and build their own brand online. It makes it easier for me to manage applications and to assess and compare fairly - functionally, urnextgig is far ahead of anything else in the market."

John Owen
Director and Principal Architect at Cyma Ltd